The Raikov Effect and the Power of the Human Brain: From Hypnosis to Meaningful Change

raikov effect hypnosis

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If you have a thought or a feeling, it comes from your brain.

If you have a creative idea, it comes from your brain.

The power of the human brain is incredible.

It creates inspiration.

It is capable of learning new skills.

This is where the real power of the universe as we know it lies.

The human brain is so powerful, in fact, that it performs functions all the time without us realizing it.

You don’t need to think about making your heart beat to have it keep beating, right?

Sometimes, during routine tasks, it may even feel like your brain can shut down while you work.

What can you remember from the last time you washed the dishes? Did the laundry? Swept the floor?

Repetitive tasks take little thought because the human brain knows what to do, so it gets the work done.

That concept applies to any skill. Whether it is learning a new language, playing a video game, or going to school to earn a degree for a promotion, the human brain is at the center of every success.

What if you could harness this power to use it more effectively?

That is what the Raikov Effect provides for many people.

From an act of hypnosis, including self-induced trances, it becomes possible to create real, meaningful changes in one’s life.

It’s not magic. It’s not marketing.

It is science.

How Does Hypnosis Create the Raikov Effect?

Dr. Vladimir Raikov created the foundation of deep trance identification in the 1960s.

His idea was simple, but profound.

By tapping into the memories stored into the human brain, Raikov believed that he could help people achieve their full potential.

Through formal hypnosis sessions, Dr. Raikov would literally demand that his students put themselves into a different mind perspective.

He would have them imagine the person they admired the most and then picture themselves practicing the skills which would bring success.

Raikov would encourage his students to go deep into their memories, seeing themselves practicing those skills throughout their childhood.

After a series of sessions, the findings were absolute.

Those who participated in Raikov’s hypnosis sessions that involved deep trance identification experienced better results than those who simply practiced the new skills without hypnosis or received positive affirmations.

Hypnosis creates the Raikov Effect because it helps individuals to think in new ways.

These new thinking methods created more neural links and networks, which helped to enhance their personal skills.

As time passed and the sessions continued, more links and networks formed. That helped each individual acquire expertise in their preferred area through the power of the mind alone.

That means there is nothing that is unachievable for you.

With the Raikov Effect by Inspire3, the concept is the same. It is only the implementation that is different.

You will not have Dr. Raikov demanding through a formal hypnosis session that you picture yourself practicing these skills and become the person you most admire.

It is something that you can do on your own.


Can Imagination Become Reality Through the Raikov Effect?

raikov effect imagination

Let’s go back to high school for a moment.

Your teacher gave you an assignment that would need to be presented to the entire class.

What did you feel when you heard that you would need to speak publicly? Nervous? Confident? A mixture of both?

So, you knuckled down and got to work. You put your research together. You created a nice presentation to give the class.

Then there’s a good chance that you practiced giving that presentation in front of a mirror or to your folks before you did it for real.

Some would call that practice. In reality, what you were doing was preparing your brain for a future task.

Your imagination can provide the same process.

If you can imagine yourself performing a specific skill or task within your mind, then it will prepare you to achieve what you imagined in the future.

When you imagine yourself doing something, it activates the same parts of the brain that are used when you’re actually doing something.

If you imagine yourself becoming a great musician and spend time thinking about it, the effect is the same as if you actually sat down and practiced with the instrument for the same amount of time.

Imagination becomes reality because it incorporates the power of visualization.

What is visualization? It is the practice of you picturing something in your mind repetitively, sort of like a daydream.

Instead of it being a random thought, however, visualization comes with a purpose.

You focus on specific images that show you doing specific things that achieve specific results.

Then your brain makes that visualization become reality to the best of its ability.

That means you have the power to achieve anything you could ever want within the power of your mind.

Now there will be jokes and arguments about the above statement.

“I can visualize myself swimming through a million dollars right now,” someone might say. “Imagining money won’t make it appear in front of me right now.”

Sure. Someone could imagine themselves winning the lottery and it would likely never happen.

What the Raikov Effect does is provide every person with more access to the power that lies within their brain right now to achieve success.

One million dollars will not magically appear, but you could harness the skills of today’s most successful millionaires or billionaires by imagining yourself in their situation.

You step into the shoes of a successful businessman, think like them, and even act like them.

In time, you can experience the same success that they’ve experienced.

Maybe you still won’t become a millionaire, but maybe you will earn a promotion, a raise, or something else you’ve been striving to have.

Your brain is ready to help you find your definition of success.

You have the power. What you must do is allow the power of your imagination to be unleashed.

How the Raikov Effect Harnesses the Power of Imagination

Allowing your imagination to explore freely and embrace your internal creativity can produce some amazing experiences.

Unfortunately, many people are taught early on in life to limit their creativity and imagination.

Since the 1950s, the United States has been testing students on their intelligence quotients, or IQs.

Knowledge and creativity are both tested. For the first 40 years of testing, both IQ levels went up.

Since the 1990s, however, creativity IQ has been going down while knowledge IQ has continued to rise.

There is no doubt that we live in a different world compared to the 1950s.

We share a dizzying amount of information. We are constantly connected to one another. Competition levels are higher than ever.

This is the battle each person must face.

Many have been taught that mistakes are bad and should be feared.

They have been taught to accept assumptions as fact instead of questioning opinions, assertions, and even accepted facts.

We have been taught to conform instead of embracing our diversity.

Those who find the most success in today’s world have overcome these challenges.

This is also how the Raikov Effect can help, beginning today.

It can teach you how to unleash the power of your imagination once again.

There is a simple 4-step process to follow. It can even be done right now, while you’re reading this, if you wish.

  • Don’t procrastinate. Get stuff done right now.
  • Stay focused. Keep your concentration on a problem, task, or skill without becoming distracted by something else.
  • Move on. Once you’ve accomplished what you can do, move onto the next thing on your agenda. Let any worries or fretting melt away.
  • Relax. Let the brain take over with its visualization powers. The imagination can come up with a quality solution in time, assuming you’ve kept an open mind while following these steps.

These steps can activate an imagination that has long been dormant.

It will become the building blocks for the success that the Raikov Effect can help you achieve.

Become the Individual You Have Always Wanted to Be

raikov effect human brain power

After you eliminate the roadblocks that are in place to access your creativity, the next step of the Raikov Effect can take place.

It is time for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Think about the people you admire the most.

These are the people who have the traits you want to have in your own life.

Whether it is one person or a combination of traits from multiple people, we idolize those who are already where we want to be.

The best part about the Raikov Effect is that you can use method acting to get into the head of someone else – or even yourself.

Method acting is the process of assuming the physical and emotional attributes of the person you want to be.

You make yourself feel what that person is feeling. You speak how they speak. You even use your brain to think in the way they think.

Whatever sets the person you admire apart from other people is what the Raikov Effect encourages you to start doing.

Dr. Raikov used hypnosis to encourage his students to imagine themselves being famous people in history.

They used the visualization exercises given to them through hypnosis to picture themselves as these famous people.

That allowed them to take on the skills and attributes of these people.

With the Raikov Effect by Inspire 3, you don’t need to have hypnosis sessions to achieve the same effect.

You must simply act as if you are the person you most admire.

That includes being the idealized version of yourself.

Want to be more confident? Then act with confidence. Want to be a better artist? Then emulate the artist in history who, in your opinion, is the best.

It really is that simple. This is how imagination turns to visualization, which can then become reality.

There are certain reactions people have in common.

Happy people tend to smile. If you find something to be funny, then you laugh. Confident people tend to stand up straight and are more willing to look someone in the eye or offer a firm handshake.

When someone feels motivated, they can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

What if you wanted to feel happier right now? Try smiling. Think of a happy memory. There’s a good chance you’ll feel happier.

What if you want to be more confident? Try standing up tall. Keep your back straight. Offer a firm handshake. You’ll feel more confident in those actions.

No one is forced to wait until happiness comes their way. Happiness, like any other emotion, can be a choice.

Emotions are something that can be triggered by a conscious choice to change the body.

Act as if you have what you want and you will find that you can have it.

Many people discover it is something they had all along and were simply not using it.

It is this process that the Raikov Effect utilizes to encourage “new” skills to make an appearance in every person’s life.

The scale, however, is much larger.

Instead of acting as if you are happy, you are encouraged to act as if you are the person with the most expertise in whatever interests you.

Is Hypnosis Required to Imagine Yourself as Someone Else?

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are often used to change the way a person thinks or feels.

It is a useful tool for those who struggle to create new thinking patterns on their own.

The results of hypnosis speak for themselves.

The ability to create new thinking patterns is something that any person can do on their own.

Imagining yourself as someone else is a process that can be initiated right now.

You can be on your couch. It can be done during your time of meditation.

There are no limits. You use the techniques of imagination and visualization and picture yourself doing the same things that someone else would do.

Once you visualize this, you implement it in real life to the best of your ability.

It is a technique that can be used for virtually anything. Choose a skill. Follow a creative hobby. Use their knowledge to your advantage.

The Raikov Effect may have started with a specific hypnosis technique, but it has evolved into a process that doesn’t require it any more.

You can encourage your own brain to unlock its full potential.

Now Is the Time to Take Action

If you’re ready to achieve your full potential, then take action today.

Do what the people you admire do every day.

Achieve the success they achieve. Make it the story of your success.

The Raikov Effect uses the power of the human mind to make this happen.

You really can make a difference in your own life.

Some have experienced this success through hypnosis. Others have used positive affirmations.

Today, you can do this all on your own.

For more information about the Raikov Effect by Inspire3, start by watching the free video guide right now.

Experience the benefits for yourself.

There are no limits to what you could unlock.



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