What Are Gamma Waves And What are the Benefits of Gamma Waves?

What are gamma waves

What are gamma waves and should you even care about them?

The frequency of these waves is extremely fast and were long ignored not because scientists thought they were unimportant, but because they didn’t realize their ability to relate to important parts of the brain.

When you feel truly happy, or maybe have been blessed by a truly extraordinary experience, then you’re creating the foundation of what your mind needs to produce gamma waves!

So why bother doing this?

Isn’t it good enough just to be happy in life and not worry about what are gamma waves, benefits of gamma waveswhether or not your mind is producing the right level of gamma waves?

There’s an interesting correlation between your cognitive functioning and gamma waves.

Your peak moments of concentration and your most intense bursts of focus come when your mind is producing these waves.

What are gamma waves?

They are an insight into who you are when you’re at your very best!

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What Are the Benefits of Gamma Waves?

The primary benefit that people experience when their mind is producing gamma waves is the ability to take advantage of their full mental capacity.

The way gamma waves work is that they move back and forth through your mind, influencing the way the neurons in your mind fire.

It’s like taking a broom out to the ice while curling.

The faster the sweepers sweep in front of the curling stone, the more they can manipulate the curve and speed of the stone that’s been thrown.

Each thought you have is a stone that is thrown.

The reverse is also true.

When your mind isn’t producing enough of these waves, then you’re likely to experience a specific set of mental issues that are unusual for you, such as:

  • learning difficulties that require memorization or data recall;
  • memory issues in both short-term and long-term applications; and
  • problems with processing the data that is floating around you every day.

With a society that is increasingly putting value on the information that can be provided, the need to maximize the level of gamma waves that are being produced at any given point of time is essential to success.

The correlation is clear: higher levels of these waves are directly associated with people who have higher IQ levels, more compassion, and excellent memory recall.

Lower levels of these waves are associated with low levels of intelligence, less compassion, and even little self-control.

This leads to a natural question: is there a way to produce more activities in your mind that will produce higher levels of gamma waves?

How Much Love Do You Have To Give?

uses gamma waves

In many ways, the world revolves around love. We’ve even got little phrases that we use to remind ourselves of this fact:

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

A life that is well lived is a life that is dedicated to the service of others.

What are gamma waves but a way to benefit from the expression of love?

The only issue that many people have with this process is that they are more concerned about taking care of others and showing people love more than they are with showing themselves love!

The core commandments are pretty clear: love others as much as you love yourself so that everyone benefits from the gamma waves that are produced from these blessings.

So how can you show yourself more love today?

For many people, it starts with the ability to make time for themselves to do something they love. It can be anything.

Even people who are happy watching their favorite television show are going to be producing higher levels of these waves and will experience these sharper benefits of a connected mind throughout the day.

The correlation here is clear: the more you love to do something, the more gamma waves will be produced.

It isn’t just a mental emotion to feel when it comes to love, however, so don’t just pursue the things you feel like will make you happy.

You’ve got to pursue a core level of happiness that can only be generated when your conscious and subconscious mind meet for a conversation.

The most effective way to do this is through at least one session of meditation every day.

Even here, however, you can fall into a trap where one session of meditation is enough to get you through a day where you’re in a gamma state of mind.

Any difficult, stressful situation you encounter during a day will lessen the reserve of happiness you have stored up. Why wait to refill this reserve until the next day?

Transitioning to a point where you can meditate twice per day, for 20 minutes minimum, will help you have a consistent happiness reserve that will help you stay focused on any task because you’re maximizing the amount of gamma waves you’re producing.

How Can You Practice Compassion More Regularly?

There’s an art to compassion that is individualistic in nature and difficult to replicate from person to person.

Compassion first starts with a love for oneself. Extending that to others can be done in a wide variety of ways!

  1. Donations to a local food bank to help feed your hungry neighbors.
  2. Volunteering your time at a local homeless shelter.
  3. Coming up with a creative idea that enhances a project at work.
  4. Telling someone how they’ve been an inspiration to you.

Any time you make someone feel good because of actions that you’ve consciously decided to take will provide a mutual level of happiness that will create gamma waves in both of you!

You’ll get the benefits of gamma waves because you’ve expressed compassion in your own unique way and the person you’ve helped will also benefit from these waves because they’ll be feeling blessed by your actions!

So how can you start this process today?

What can you do to increase your levels of happiness and compassion so that everyone feels blessed?

One of the most useful tools available today is meditative music.

Richard Davidson, who works with the University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus, has laboratories specifically set up to study the substrates of affective disorders and emotion.

He received his Ph.D. in psychology and psychiatry from Harvard in 1976 and has had his research into gamma waves published numerous times in a wide variety of journals.

What has Dr. Davidson discovered when it comes to how the mind reacts to compassion?

Not only can you improve your mood through an active practice of self-control through meditation, but you can improve your body’s physical responses to internal and external stimuli.

Your mental behavior can literally increase your ability to fight off disease!

The idea comes from the theory that everyone has a personality that is formed from six basic emotional styles.

The circuits that form in the mind reinforced this personality, but these circuits can be changed at will based on how we use our minds.

If you want to produce more gamma waves, then you’ve got to do something differently tomorrow than you’re doing today.

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Are You Ready To Generate More Gamma Waves?

enhance gamma brain waves

Your life is your own.

Only you can determine what the best path will be on your journey.

If you focus on compassion, for yourself and for others, you can begin generating more gamma waves to enhance the focus and concentration you need for any given task.

How can you do that?

It comes by doing the things that make you happy.

It also comes from regular times of meditation.

The more you are able to meditate and work towards a state of mindfulness and contentedness, the more you’ll be able to generate compassion and boost your blessings to the highest levels.

If you’ve never tried meditation before or you just haven’t had success with it in the past, the meditation music and other forms of audio assistance could be the key you need to fully unlock your potential.

The secret is in what is called “brainwave entrainment.”

Through the use of binaural beats and isochronic tones, these audio queues will help your mind focus on the frequencies that will help you quickly get into a relaxed, meditative state.

Do you need these items to experience mindfulness? Of course not!

It can, however, get you into the best state of mind possible in the shortest amount of time.

If you have racing thoughts or you just struggle to stay focused on your breathing patterns, then these audio queues are the perfect way to counter this issue.

Music is one of the only items on this planet that engages the entire mind at once and it can influence your emotions to a positive state.

If you’re ready to increase your focus, then you’re ready to start increasing your happiness so that you can improve your mind, body, and soul.

What are gamma waves?

They are a window to what your levels of love, compassion, and happiness really happen to be.

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