Abundance Meditation Script [Awaken Inner Riches]

Welcome. Today I’m excited to guide you through an abundance meditation. Now what do I mean by “abundance?”

Very simply, abundance refers to having more than enough of something. It’s the feeling of overflowing with blessings, whether emotionally, physically, financially, or spiritually. 

And why meditate on abundance? Well, when we take time to sit quietly and focus our minds, it opens us up to attracting more of what we desire.

Meditating on abundance can help rewire our brains in powerful ways – to notice more of the good we already have, and to create space for more blessings to flow our way.  

My goal today is for you to feel aligned, receptive and wide open to receive abundance. I want this meditation to show you on a deep level how plentiful this universe truly is…how much prosperity and joy wants to make its way to you.

Sound good? Then make yourself comfortable, taking any cushions or props you need to fully relax. When you’re ready, go ahead and gently close your eyes.

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Now that your eyes are closed, let’s prepare both body and mind to receive abundance by focusing first on your breath. 

Breathe in slowly through your nose for four counts – 1…2…3…4. Good. Now exhale softly through your mouth for four counts again – 1…2…3…4.

Breathe this way with me a few more times…fully emptying out the lungs and then filling them back up with clean, bright prana. Excellent. You should already feel your body relaxing.

Next, start to notice any tension lingering in your muscles. Maybe your shoulders feel hunched and tight…or your legs are crossed in an uncomfortable way. 

Gently breathe into those tense areas as you consciously relax each muscle. Unhunch those shoulders…uncross those legs and feet. Feel your whole body softening as the tension melts away.

I’ll pause briefly while you continue relaxing any place that feels tight or strained…


Wonderful. Now bring all of your attention simply to the sensations of breathing…the gentle rise and fall of your chest and belly with each in-breath and out-breath…

Allow everything else to fall away so your mind remains focused like a beam of sunlight solely on the breaths flowing smoothly in and out…

As you continue following the breath, start picturing in your mind’s eye a brilliant golden light building in the space around you.

See this glowing golden light getting brighter, warmer, and more radiant with each breath…until soon your whole body is drenched in liquid sunshine, sparkling and shimmering.

Just as the sun effortlessly releases its warm rays down upon the earth, feel this golden light effortlessly soaking into your body, filling you with warmth, joy and positivity. 

And now imagine that you can breathe this brilliant light directly inside of you – breathing it into your chest, your belly, your limbs – feeling it tingling all the way to your fingertips and toes. 

Keep visualizing drawing this magical golden light inside with every breath, until your entire being is overflowing with radiance…every cell soaked in vibrant positivity.

Excellent. When you feel ready, go ahead and affirm aloud several times: “I am open and ready to receive abundance.”

(Pause for repetition)

Wonderful. Let’s continue…


Now that you feel aligned and open, it’s time to receive. 

Imagine you stand under a waterfall of blessings. Feel the cascading water pouring down over your head, soaking your entire body with love, joy, prosperity and fulfillment. 

It rushes all around you – refreshing, cleansing, nourishing. This is the sacred water of abundance. And its waves and sprays symbolize blessings of every kind flowing your way.

Financial abundance may come as a flood of money-water…sprinkling your arms with dollar bills drifting all around you. 

Emotional abundance fills your core with feelings of happiness, connection and purpose.

Physical blessings shower upon you as health, energy and strength. 

And spiritual abundance flows as creativity, intuition and inner peace.  

However it looks to you, imagine these waves of blessings soaking into every cell…seeping right into the core of your being.

When you feel thoroughly immersed, go ahead and say aloud several times: “I joyfully receive abundance now.”

(Pause for repetition)

Remain under these blessed waters for a minute or two…allowing them to fill and fulfill every part of you.

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As you continue receiving this downpour of blessings, also begin looking inward with gratitude. 

Start reflecting on all the abundance already flowing through your life – blessings big and small that you appreciate. 

Maybe you feel grateful for a warm, comfortable home…for food in the fridge and clothes on your back. 

Perhaps you’re thankful for special people who love and support you…or for talents and skills you’ve worked hard to develop.

Allow vivid memories of abundance to start rising to the surface as you continue soaking under this waterfall…Moments when you felt blessed, lucky, grateful. 

Really let the emotions swell up now, until your whole being radiates like a sunbeam with the warmth of appreciation.

When you feel stirred with gratitude, go ahead and say silently: “Thank you for the abundant blessings in my life.”


Marvelous. Now look outward again into the future. Envision more of your heart’s desires effortlessly gathering and drifting your way. 

Maybe financial goals, new relationships, creative ventures or service projects. Imagine it all flowing to you under this waterfall’s easy current.

To reinforce this vision, repeat silently: “I now attract abundant blessings to me.”


Know that you absolutely deserve to receive everything needed and more. Stay centered in this truth.

As we begin drawing this meditation to a close, let’s bring our focus back to the present moment and your physical body again. 

Feel yourself emerge from the waterfall renewed and rejuvenated…energized by all the potential now flowing your way. 

The future is abundant. And we take this certainty with us as we open our eyes to the present again. 

But first take a few parting moments to come back fully into your body.

Wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently nod your head side to side. Stretch out fully like a waking cat. 

When you feel ready, flutter your eyelids open as I count to five. 

One…you feel centered and grounded.

Two…the room comes back into focus around you. 

Three…a warm feeling of abundance remains.

Four…you carry this meditation’s lessons with you now

And five…with bright eyes and soft smile, welcome back!

Take your time now readjusting. When ready, reflect on any key insights this experience offered you about living in true abundance. Record these takeaways in a journal if desired.

Lastly, consider daily repetition of such guided meditations to continually manifest feelings of abundance and joy. This practice truly has power to enrich every area of life!

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