How to Boost Your Energy Naturally and Feel Good Every Day [14 Practical Tips]

how to boost your energy naturally

The alarm clock sounds. You groan and turn it off.

Slowly you bring yourself out of bed.You get through your morning routine, but not before grabbing at least one cup of coffee.

Maybe it’s an energy drink. Once the caffeine begins to work, you start to feel better.

But you don’t feel that “good.” You feel adequate, at best, to conquer the day.

By the time lunch rolls around, you’re already feeling exhausted.

You reach for some sugar snacks or some food that you feel will give you some more energy.

This gets you past the 3pm wall, gets you home, and then you collapse from the rigors of the day.

Maybe it’s a movie. Or maybe a favorite TV show.

You’re mentally exhausted, so just sitting there feels like relief. Then you get yourself to bed.

And then the day repeats itself.

Knowing how to boost your energy naturally so that you can feel good every day can break you out of this routine.

There are better ways to take care of yourself.

Here are some of the best practical tips for personal care that are proven to help people build up an energy reserve and be able to tap into it.

#1. Drink More Water

water increases energy

Dehydration is a major problem in the world today.

CBS reports that up to 75% of people in the United States might be suffering from chronic dehydration.

This occurs even though there are bottles of water everywhere and tap water is available to almost everyone for free.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that the average person receive 10 daily 8-ounce cups of water.

Dehydration will commonly cause fatigue.

If you are under the age of 30, then this feeling of being tired all of the time is more likely to be enhanced, especially while performing moderate exercise.

If you are thirsty, then it means you are dehydrated.

It requires just 1% dehydration to trigger the body’s thirst mechanism.

Not having enough water to drink can also cause irritability, memory issues, focus concerns, and may even trigger anxiety attacks.

Caffeine is also a diuretic, so it works to remove water from your body.

Energy drinks or coffee will actually cause you to feel thirstier later on in the day.

By drinking more water, you can boost your metabolism.

You could start sleeping better. You might have more energy throughout the day because of your efforts.

With water so freely available, it’s certainly worth a try.


#2. Incorporate EFT

EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Techniques.”

It is based on a system that is similar to acupuncture.

By focusing on specific points of the body and then tapping them, you can instantly change how you are feeling.

When looking for ways to naturally boost your energy, there are just 4 points that require pressure to utilize this technique.

There are energy points underneath your eyes, along your collarbone, at your Thymus point near the heart, and points near your spleen.

By tapping these points four times each in order, you can begin to feel good every day.

You may need to use a fist in order to tap your Thymus point for it to be effective.

EFT also works very well when certain meditation techniques are used with it, such as positive affirmations, mantras, and deep breathing.

You can use this technique several times throughout the day if you wish.

You can try it for a few days to see if it works.

You can also use EFT with other energy-boosting techniques that you might be trying right now.


#3. Bring New Foods into the Refrigerator

how to increase energy levels

If you follow the Western diet, then there’s a good chance that you’re eating a lot of starchy carbs.

Your favorite vegetable is likely the potato.

You might eat some corn, a few green beans, and maybe you count tomatoes as a fruit and a vegetable to double-down on its benefits.

Potatoes are a healthy starch when consumed in moderation.

The only problem is that potatoes are often eaten in the form of chips, fries, and other fried methods that adds unhealthy fats to the diet.

Adding new foods, especially certain vegetables, to your diet can give you an immediate boost of energy.

Here are just a few examples of what a single food addition could provide.

Celery: This vegetable is proven to lower cholesterol levels and relieve arthritis pain. It also contains a lot of fiber, B vitamins, and is a low-calorie food.

Dark Chocolate: If you avoid the sugary chocolate and focus on the darkest form of it, then you may be able to raise your HDL levels while protecting your LDL “bad” cholesterol levels. It may also improve blood flow and improve antioxidant levels within the body, helping you to feel better every day.

Ginger: This root contains gingerol, which is believed to provide several different medical benefits. It immediately treats feelings of nausea. It may relieve muscle pain. It may also play a preventative role in heart disease development, stroke, and malabsorption.

Kale: This vegetable is high in fiber, zero fat, and contains numerous vitamins and minerals. You receive 2x your daily recommended Vitamin A, 7x your daily recommended Vitamin K, and 134% of your recommended Vitamin C. Kale also contains high levels of potassium, manganese, and calcium.

Spirulina: Although it may not sound appetizing, these microscopic algae are literally a building block of the food chain. It comes in powdered form and can be added to smoothies, a glass of water, or sprinkled into many foods.

It may also be useful to see if you have a gluten intolerance.

About 1% of people today have an issue with gluten that could be robbing them of their energy.

If your stomach hurts after eating wheat products or you find yourself suffering from diarrhea and upset stomach at least one day per week, it may be worth a visit to your local medical clinic.


#4. Chew Something

The act of chewing something is known to increase your heart rate.

This increase alters the amount of blood that is flowing to the brain, which encourages more alertness.

Chewing also stimulates the autonomic nervous system.

There are certain items that are better to chew than others to feel good every day.

Something as simple as a piece of mint-flavored gum, chewed for 15 minutes, is enough to make you feel more awake.

Chewing something that is cold can also improve alertness immediately.

Sucking on an ice cube and then chewing it can help you to feel better and boost your energy naturally.

Foods that are packed with protein and difficult to chew, such as beef jerky, can also provide benefits.

Just make sure the jerky doesn’t contain a caffeine-powder coating.


#5. Stop Sitting Around All Day

Many jobs require people to sit in front of a computer all day long.

The amount of fatigue in the back and neck then causes many to collapse onto their comfortable couch at home, which further increases sitting time.

Recreational activities often involve sitting.

You are sitting when you drive to work. You might even find yourself sitting in the shower.

Standing up is an easy way to boost your energy naturally so that you can feel good every day.

When you can stand up periodically throughout the day, then you naturally lower your risk of gaining weight.

Even light exercise while at work, like a walk around the office, can reduce the risks of obesity or becoming overweight.

You can burn up to 1,000 calories each week just by using a standing desk at work.

There are other practical health benefits which come when you stop sitting all day.

Your blood sugar levels are encouraged to stabilize.

You could lower your risks of heart disease.

You may even find that your neck and back stop feeling as knotted up after a long day at work.

This works because exercise is known as a natural energy booster.

When you exercise, it helps you be able to manage the stress from the day more effectively.

The body experiences an endorphin release, which improves your mood.

At the same time, your circulatory system is strengthened, allowing your stamina to improve.

With these benefits, you’re able to improve the quality of sleep that is obtained every night.

You can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


#6. Meditate

how to increase your energy

Meditation is a proven activity that harnesses the natural energy levels you have at any given moment.

It works because the art of meditation transforms how you are able to manage your stress.

Instead of engaging the fight-or-flight mechanism with a cortisol hormonal release, you are able to upgrade your body’s response to stress so that this hormone has reduced levels within the blood.

There are numerous ways to meditate.

The only problem is that if you haven’t tried meditation before, it can be difficult to sit still for up to 20 minutes as you attempt to keep a clear mind.

Instead of focusing on your breathing, you might enhance your stress because you stay focused on the problems you’ve encountered from the day.

This is why an assistive product for meditation can help to boost your energy naturally while obtaining the many benefits of meditation at the same time.

A program such a Neruocharger 3.0, offered by iAwake Technologies, can help to facilitate a balanced, focused, and energized approach.

Put this track on through your stereo headphones, give yourself a quiet space, and let your mind and this program work together so that you experience an energy boost.


#7. Change the Lighting

how to raise energy levels

Do you feel sleepier during the winter months than during the summer months?

There is a reason for this.

Darkness tends to relax the brain, encouraging the body to enter into a bedtime routine.

This relaxation saps your energy because your body is literally preparing to shut down to rest.

If you change the lighting in your environment, then there is a good chance that you could boost your energy levels.

Bright lights are known to awaken the brain.

This is why using a smartphone or tablet during your bedtime routine is not recommended.

Looking at the bright light of the screen can stimulate the mind so that you stay awake when you should be sleeping.

Not every bright light stimulates the brain in a beneficial way.

If you surround yourself with brighter lighting in the blue spectrum, then you’re able to achieve an energy increase while maintaining a sense of emotional calm.

If you surround yourself with brighter lighting in the red spectrum, then you can achieve more energy.

You’ll also be more unbalanced emotionally with this light exposure.

​Surround your working spaces with blue lighting and you may just find an improvement in your energy levels.

It is recommended that you switch to blue lighting after lunch so that you can get past the 3pm wall that so many people experience.


#8. Do Something Different

Routines can be wonderful.

They get you to work on time.

They can keep you on-point when it comes to getting your work done.

A routine can also be incredibly boring.

Boredom isn’t something that afflicts school-aged children who would rather play video games than go to school.

It affects adults too and can lead to many unhealthy lifestyle habits.

People who are routinely bored are at a higher risk to start smoking and eat unhealthy foods.

Depression and other mental health issues may also be linked to experiencing boredom on a regular basis.

For the modern professional, boredom will typically cause them to switch tasks.

They might check their email, check on Facebook updates, or make a to-do list.

None of these will improve your energy.

What can help you boost your energy levels so that you feel better is to learn something new.

Doing something simple, like listening to an interesting podcast or audio book while you work, can help you to feel more energetic because you’re eliminating boredom.

One effective way to do something new is to play “brain games.”

Something as simple as taking a 15-minute break to work on a crossword puzzle can relieve boredom, work on memory recall, and improve energy levels.


#9. Grow Something

how to feel good every day

Exercise may improve your energy levels, but let’s be honest.

Many don’t exercise because they don’t find it to be fun.

Do you want to jog 4 miles every day? Or hop onto an exercise bicycle for a spinning class?

Some enjoy these exercise activities, but many hate them.

If you hate the exercise that you’re doing, then you are very likely to quit.

So instead of running for miles on end every week, consider getting yourself dirty.

Get outside and grow something.

You could plant a garden in your backyard.

You could plant trees in your community.

By putting your hands into the dirt, the sensation it provides can immediately counter the stress you might be feeling.

Being in the soil, growing something, is a grounding act.

When a person feels grounded, then they feel more energized.

For some people, the ability to grow something might be limited.

In this instance, just taking your shoes and socks off to stand on a patch of grass can be enough to replicate the energizing experience.


#10. Grab a Quick Nap

sleeping improves energy levels

If you’re feeling tired, then it may be a good idea to go get some sleep.

A quick nap can help you to boost energy levels naturally and feel better for the rest of the day.

There are two types of napping that can be done.

The “power nap” is one of the most effective tools you can implement to combat fatigue.

A power nap is 30 minutes or less and can help to improve alertness, performance, and your mood.

Sleep restorative naps are 30 minutes or longer in length.

These will help your body begin to remove the sleep deficits you might be facing, but can also lead to feelings of grogginess throughout the remainder of the day.

There are three ways that naps can be added to your daily routine.

  • Planned napping allows you to rest at a specific time in your schedule. This is a useful technique for those who would want to take a power nap during their lunch break at work.
  • Emergency napping occurs when you suddenly feel tired. This urge often occurs after engaging in a mentally intensive activity for a long period of time, like driving a long distance or sitting in front for your computer for a long time.
  • Habit napping is the process of taking time to nap at the same time every day.

To maximize the effectiveness of this method to feel better every day, it is important to plan out some of the details of your sleeping environment.

Having a restful place to lie down can encourage your body to fall asleep faster.

A darker room that is relatively quiet will also encourage sleep to occur faster.

Colder rooms will also encourage sleep.


#11. Change the Temperature of Your Body

best way to boost your energy

One of the reasons why you may be feeling tired consistently is because your body is operating at a warmer temperature than it should be.

People who have a higher metabolism rate tend to have a higher internal body temperature.

This higher temperature translates into more sweat.

If you don’t drink enough water to replace this moisture loss, then dehydration occurs (see Tip #1).

That sweat is being used to cool down the surface of your skin.

Your body is literally trying to change its own temperature because it recognizes the fact that it is too warm.

You can promote a faster cooling process by taking a cold shower.

A 3-minute cold shower can reduce your body temperature back to a manageable level for your metabolism, naturally boosting energy levels right away.

There are other ways you can promote a lower body temperature as well, such as sitting in front of a fan, being in an air-conditioned room, or drinking iced beverages.

Why does this work?

Your body is consuming energy in order for it to cool down.

When it needs to consume an excessive amount of energy, then it must draw resources from other body systems to accomplish this need.

This eventually leads to fatigue.

So cooling down could speed you up.

The opposite is also true.

Some individuals tend to feel colder all of the time.

This ever-present cold weighs on the body, encouraging fatigue to form.

By warming up, more energy can be experienced as well.

So if you’re feeling cold, consider throwing on a sweater or standing in front of a fireplace to get an energy boost.

Take a hot shower.

And if you’re feeling too warm, take a cold shower or take off a few layers to begin feeling better.


#12. Build Something

Having a hobby that you can do on a regular basis can also contribute to feeling better every day.

This is because you’re giving yourself an opportunity to work on something or build something that you are passionate about.

It is this passion that drives you to a natural energy boost.

It’s also why people who work in a business or career that they’re passionate about tend to feel happier and more satisfied about life.

Any hobby can be beneficial, but building something with your hands tends to provide the most benefits.

This is because you’re able to simultaneously engage multiple methods of feeling better in a single task.

Building something requires exercise.

It offers you something new to learn.

A hobby allows you to take a break from the stress being experienced in a way that is similar to meditation.

There are three other unique life improvement benefits that having an active hobby can provide immediately.

1. A hobby allows you to stay in the present, getting you out of the worries for the future or the regrets of the past.

2. You are socially united with like-minded individuals who enjoy the same hobby, giving you a network of people who can support you.

3. Hobbies create excitement. You look forward to working on something. This feeling is sometimes referred to as “eustress,” or a positive stress that challenges you to be better.

There are also numerous physical benefits that come when you can work on a hobby with consistency.

Hobbyists tend to have lower blood pressure, better memory recall, and better emotional control compared to those who do not work on a hobby regularly.


#13. Embrace Your Inner Rock Star

natural ways increase energy levels

In order for you to sing, you must exhibit a form of breath control.

You need to take deep breaths in order to hit those high notes or to hold a note for a long time.

This process provides your circulatory system with extra oxygen.

The oxygenation process then provides an energy boost.

So if you’re singing along to a favorite song, you’re taking advantage of a unique way to boost your energy levels naturally.

This energy boost can also be supported by a rush of adrenaline.

If you sing in front of other people, for example, the nervousness you feel can provide you with the foundation needed to feel better every day.

What makes singing such a unique way to feel good every day is that it has the same effect on the brain as meditation does.

These effects are enhanced when you can sing with a group.

Group singing has been shown to elevate endorphin levels, lower stress levels, and reduce anxiety.

Singing on your own can provide similar benefits, but not as rapidly or to the same levels of group singing.

And if you’re not into belting out a tune because you feel that you can’t handle a tune, just listening to music and tapping your toes to a beat can provide a similar energy-boost.


#14. Chase Spirituality

Spirituality is not the same as religion.

You can practice a religion every day and not feel energetic.

On the other hand, if you pursue an increase in your personal spiritual awareness, you can boost your energy naturally throughout the process.

The benefits of chasing your spirituality can have physical benefits that go beyond an energy boost.

Spirituality can restore the sense of purpose some may have for their lives.

It can boost the functionality of an immune system. It enhances the thinking ability a person has.

Spirituality also encourages more positive emotions to become present, which reduces stress levels in that person’s circles.

People who embrace their spiritual side are typically more gracious, more optimistic, and more forgiving than those who are not.

People who tend toward being more spiritual also have more positive relationships, higher levels of self-esteem, and build supportive networks more often compared to those who avoid spirituality.

So what does it mean to be spiritual?

For some, it may mean following a specific religion.

For others, it may be a pursuit of science.

Spirituality, at its core, is a concern for the human soul.

It places a greater emphasis on the human spirit than the physical or material things of this world.

If you can take charge of your spirituality, then you can begin to feel better every day – no matter what “label” you may place on this pursuit.


Feeling Good Every Day Starts with a Choice Right Now

foods that boost energy

You can choose to feel good every day.

You can choose to boost your energy levels naturally by incorporating these practical tips into your life in some way.

It all begins with the decision to make a change.

Life doesn’t have to be a painful routine we follow.

We don’t just have to make it through our day any more.

There are tools that we can use to build the best life possible.

Whether it is through a commitment to learn something new, the incorporation of music or guided audio tracks that encourage meditation and relaxation, or something unique that works just for you, the power to change starts from within.

What methods do you use to boost your energy levels so you can feel better every day?


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