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Many people long to experience increased wealth and abundance. Wealth in the form of money can provide us with greater freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to experience new things.

However, our hopes for increasing wealth and the reality of what we experience do not always line up.

We can wish for more money all we want, but sometimes our wishing proves futile. So what is the missing ingredient to turn our dreams into reality?

Learning how to manifest money and abundance is one trick that many people have begun using increasingly over the years to increase their wealth.

Based on the law of attraction, the idea of manifesting money stems from the understanding that our thoughts and beliefs attract circumstances of like energy.

In other words, if we want to experience abundance, we need to address the thoughts, the beliefs, and the energy that we put out.

The place to begin this is by taking a closer look at the mind – at any limiting beliefs about money that we hold.


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

According to the law of manifestation, we receive what we emit – not only in terms of our actions but in terms of our thoughts, too.

If we want to know how to manifest money, it makes sense to begin with the way that we think.

Many of us hold limiting beliefs about wealth, money, and abundance.

First, we must become mindful of any such limitations we hold. For instance, limiting thoughts related to money can include:

It is too difficult to earn a lot of money.

I don’t have what it takes to be rich.

It is selfish to want more money.

I will never be successful.

These sorts of thoughts are often deeply rooted into our belief systems.

That said, it is not impossible to shift them. Once we are mindful of them, we can start to disarm them when they attempt to interfere with our dreams, goals, and actions.

We can practice mindfulness of limiting beliefs by compassionately inquiring into the thought patterns that hold us back.

What sorts of ideas do you hold about money that make it more difficult for you to open up to abundance?

Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you explore this question – and remember that your beliefs are not fixed. Your beliefs are free to change.

12 Tips to Manifest Money & Abundance

Once we are aware of our personal barriers to manifesting money and abundance, it becomes easier to overcome them in pursuit of our goals.

The following tips can help you to become a magnet for money. Keep them in mind and try to adopt these principles each and every day.

Start by setting a powerful intention or goal.

First, it is helpful to get clear on what you want the end result to be.

Do you wish to have $10,000? $100,000? Are you more focused on increasing cash flow? Or do you want enough money to buy a new car or home?

By getting clear on what it is exactly that you long for, you provide yourself with a clear direction to move in.

Be mindful of where your attention goes.

It is often said that where attention goes, energy flows.

Since there are many distractions that can hold us back from moving in the direction of our dreams, we need to be mindful of where our attention goes.

Keep your mind set on your long-term vision. When you get distracted, don’t condemn yourself. Simply note that your attention drifted away but that it is time to refocus again.

Prioritize abundance over fear.

Another common barrier to manifesting money is fear.

We might fear what people will think if we really put ourselves out there. We might fear making a mistake or taking a risk.

However, if you are truly willing to step into greater wealth, you will need to prioritize abundance over fear. This isn’t always comfortable, but discomfort is often part of the growth process.

Empower yourself with positive affirmations.

Anytime you notice that you are thinking unsupportive thoughts in relation to manifesting abundance, take a pause, breathe deep, and replace these thoughts with a counter belief.

For instance, if you notice that you have been telling yourself that it is too difficult to make a lot of money, close your eyes and mentally repeat something along the lines of:

Money comes to me with ease.

Repeat your chosen counter affirmation at least three times. You can also practice affirmation repetition in formal meditation practice.

Take one step daily towards greater abundance.

Manifestation is not a passive process.

While what we do with the mind is important, we also have to take concrete action in the direction of our dreams.

What is one thing you can do today that will attract greater abundance into your life?

It could be something as simple as reaching out to a potential business partner, exploring the logistics of a new business idea, or practicing a meditation for manifesting money.

Pour love into everything that you do.

Love is one of the most powerful vibrations in the universe.

When we pour love into what we do, we attract increasing degrees of positivity and support.

Love can be extended to our projects, towards those around us, and towards ourselves.

When we act from a place of love, good things come our way.

Carry cash with you.

Another simple trick for manifesting money is to carry cash in your wallet.

Though cash is used less and less these days, it is a concrete symbol of wealth and abundance.

Each time that you go to open your wallet, you will be reminded of the tangible wealth that you desire.

Invest in yourself.

It is also important to remember that you are your best investment, so pay yourself first!

If cash flow is tight in the beginning, this can be a bit tricky.

However, it is always possible to invest in ourselves in small ways. Gift yourself with something that will increase your vitality or your potential to earn more money.

This could be anything from taking a yoga class to investing in an online course that you are interested in.

Notice the abundance you are already blessed with.

If we are learning how to manifest money, it can be easy to lose track of the wealth that we already have.

You can remain both eager to manifest more while also appreciative of this present moment.

Look around the room right now. What are you grateful for? In what ways are you already rich?

Get creative and diversify.

Part of the manifestation process is to open our mind to ideas that we couldn’t have conceived of before.

Let your mind get creative about all the ways that it would be possible for you to make money.

Diversify your income stream to get money flowing from multiple directions.

Co-create with the universe.

Many people misunderstand manifestation to be something like magic; that it just happens if we set our minds to it.

However, as stated earlier, manifestation is not a passive process.

We must remember that we are neither fully in charge of our reality nor is the universe in charge of things for us.

We must co-create our life with the help of the universe – and with the support of the law of manifestation.

Continually work on positively programming your mind.

Lastly, it is important to note that this work of manifestation is an ongoing process until it becomes second nature.

Continually practice mindfulness of any limiting ideas or stories that hold you back from attracting greater wealth into your life.

You can reprogram outdated and unhelpful belief systems by establishing a daily affirmation or visualization practice.

How to Manifest Money Fast

When we are looking to increase abundance, we often impatiently ask, “How can I manifest money fast?”

While there is nothing wrong with wanting quick results, it is important to be mindful of the quality of our attention at present.

Put simply, the universe will not provide unless you are open, receptive, and appreciative of the abundance that you already have.

So to manifest money, take the time to note the wealth that you have already accumulated or experienced.

Set aside the part of your mind that says ‘it’s not enough’ and be open to the wealth that comes to you each and every day.

Gratitude is an attitude that will help to increase abundance.

Manifest Money Affirmations

As noted, we can use positive affirmations to begin reprogramming any limiting or negative beliefs that we hold.

Consider the following manifestation affirmations for money.

These can be used to counter negative beliefs when they arise or during a formal meditation practice:

I am a money magnet.

Money flows into my life effortlessly.

I experience wealth in all its forms.

I am successful at what I put my mind to.

I receive all that I need and more.

I am free financially.

I am worthy of abundance.

Increased wealth is coming my way.

I attract what I desire.

I prioritize abundance over fear.

You can use any of these affirmations word for word or you can create your own.

Since we each have unique barriers to abundance, what works for one person will be different from what works for another.

Choose the words that most powerfully transform the limiting beliefs and barriers that you personally hold.

Meditation for Manifesting Money

To enhance your ability to manifest the money that you desire, it is helpful to have a daily meditation practice for manifesting money.

The following meditation includes both affirmation repetition and visualization.

Read through the instructions before practicing it on your own.

To prepare for this practice, consider what positive affirmation for money manifestation is most resonant to you. Take your time to choose a single affirmation, keeping it in the back of your mind for later.

Next, find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed for the next five to ten minutes. Close your eyes when you are ready and take a few long, steady breaths to ground yourself. Relax any physical tension that can be safely and comfortably released.

Once you feel centered and grounded, draw your attention to your mind’s eye. Begin to visualize a version of yourself that lives in abundance. See yourself living your dream life with all the money that you desire. You might see yourself at the workplace or successfully earning money from doing what you love.

Spend three to five minutes playing with this image in your mind. Note what you are wearing, how you feel, how your body moves, and what your environment looks like in this visualization. Notice what success feels like. Notice how it feels to embody wealth and abundance.

When you are ready, let the visualization fade while allowing the energetic vibration of this imagery to remain in your body. Feel into this energy for a few breaths.

Before closing the meditation, recall the affirmation that you set for yourself at the beginning of the practice. Silently repeat this affirmation to yourself a minimum of three times.

When you feel finished with your affirmation for now, take three long, deep breaths. Feel back into the ground beneath you and slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

Focus on the Present for an Abundant Future

If you wish to welcome more money into your life, one final tip to consider is that you must begin from where you are right now.

When we long to manifest money, it is easy to get caught up with how things might be in the future.

However, by coming back to the present moment, we empower ourselves to take concrete steps that are in alignment with our big dreams and future visions.

Breathe deep, release your fears and limiting beliefs, and get moving into an abundant future from where you are right now.

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