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The words we speak to ourselves have the power to create a sense of openness within us – or conversely, to create contraction.

Though seemingly subtle, positive words can create an expansion within the heart and negative or limiting words can build a wall around it.

To open the heart means to more deeply embody qualities associated with the heart chakra – qualities like love, compassion, peace, harmony, kindness, and empathy.

Using a variety of tools, such as heart chakra affirmations and meditation, greater openness of heart is indeed possible.

But what is the heart chakra exactly and what are the different ways we can go about opening it?

Furthermore, in what ways can we use tools such as heart chakra affirmations?


What Is the Heart Chakra?

In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is known as anahata, which means ‘unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.’

Located within the center of the chest, the heart chakra is one of the seven primary energy points located within the body.

From root to crown, each chakra is connected to certain aspects of wellbeing. The heart is in the center of the seven.

As mentioned, the heart chakra is responsible for feelings such as love, compassion, and empathy. When energy flow through this chakra is in balance, you are likely to experience:

  • A natural ability to give and receive love in equal measure
  • A natural ability to see the goodness in others and to have compassion
  • A natural ability to forgive oneself and others
  • Mutually-enhancing relationships with healthy boundaries
  • A compassionate relationship towards oneself

The heart chakra can be out of balance in either direction.

In other words, it can have either a lack of energy flowing through it or an excess amount of energy.

When it is lacking energy, one might experience:

  • Lack of compassion or empathy
  • Loneliness or disconnection from others
  • Fear of intimacy and relationships
  • Criticism and condemnation (of self and/or of others)

When the heart chakra has an excess of energy, one might experience:

  • Poor boundaries in relationships
  • Attachment issues or jealousy
  • Giving with abundance without receiving
  • Identity loss when in an intimate relationship

Heart chakra healing occurs when we bring balance to this energy center.

Since each person has a unique present state of being, the journey towards an open and balanced heart is equally unique.

We each require something a little bit different from moment to moment.


How to Open Your Heart Chakra

If you are looking to open (or to balance) your heart chakra, there are a variety of different tools you can explore.

Consider the following practices to develop a more harmonious state of flow through this loving energy center.


1. Heart Chakra Affirmations

One great way to transform the flow of energy through our heart chakra is to address the words we speak to ourselves.

Again, words are subtle, but they have a powerful vibration. If we are repeating limiting ideas to ourselves internally, we inhibit the flow of energy through the heart.

Heart chakra affirmations can be used during meditation practice or listened to before bed.

You can also use these affirmations during journaling or intention setting.

In any case, repetition and consistency are key.

The more you use heart healing affirmations in your daily life, the better able they will be to open and awaken your heart.


2. Heart Chakra Meditation

Another common practice for opening the heart chakra is meditation, which offers us a variety of different techniques.

For example, you might consider loving-kindness (metta) meditation or self-love meditation.

Many heart chakra meditation practices incorporate positive affirmations, but others focus more on visualization.

When practicing meditation for the heart, you might also weave other supportive tools into your practice.

For instance, you might hold heart chakra stones or heart chakra crystals while you meditate.

You might also place a stone or crystal directly on your heart if you are resting on your back for practice.

Whatever helps you to connect with your heart chakra is most welcome.

Some heart chakra stones or heart chakra crystals you might use to enhance your practice include:

Rose quartz, Green calcite, Amazonite, Green aventurine, Green jade, Emerald, Rhodochrosite


3. Therapeutic Modalities

There are also a variety of psychotherapeutic practices that can support heart chakra healing.

For example, inner child work, grief processing, and co-dependency examination are some of the areas you might explore with a trained and trusted mental health professional.


4. Yoga for the Heart

Furthermore, yoga is a wonderful daily practice you can use to enhance your healing journey.

Yoga asana practices direct the flow of energy through the body in unique ways, and there are certain poses best suited for opening or balancing the heart chakra.

Some of the poses you might focus on (safely and in accordance with your body’s abilities) include:

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  • Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)
  • Talasana (Palm Tree Pose)


Heart Chakra Affirmations

There are a number of different heart chakra healing affirmations that you can use in your daily practice to restore vitality and balance in this energy center.

Consider the following affirmations for inspiration. Use the ones best suited to your personal needs or create your own.

The best affirmations are the ones that resonate most deeply for you.

 I give and receive in equal measure.

 I forgive myself and others.

 I am kind, compassionate, and loving.

 I am connected to all other beings on this planet.

 I maintain healthy boundaries in my relationships.

 I treat others with warmth and respect.

 I speak words of love and kindness.

 I am grounded in the love of my heart.

 I love myself unconditionally.

 I see the best in others.

 I release harsh judgment and criticism.

 Love flows effortlessly through me.

 I am connected to the wisdom of my heart.

 I am grateful for all that I have.

 I am worthy of love. 

Again, you can use heart chakra affirmations in a variety of ways.

What is most important is consistency.

Consider setting a goal for yourself to practice heart chakra affirmation repetition each morning or night for 30 days.

Journal about your experience.


Heart Chakra Meditation

The following heart chakra meditation incorporates both visualization and affirmation repetition.

To practice, take a moment to choose one heart chakra affirmation that best suits you in this moment.

Make sure it is clear in your mind and easy to remember.

Set it aside for the time being and then find a comfortable place to sit for practice.

If you’d like to hold a heart chakra crystal while you move through this, you are welcome to.

Take a moment to settle into your seat, closing your eyes and taking a few mindful breaths. Elongate your spine and let your shoulders drop back so that your heart area naturally opens. Ground into the surface beneath you. 
Once you feel settled, shift your attention towards your heart. Visualize each breath entering and exiting your heart with grace and ease. Let the breath be soft and gentle as you hold your awareness on the heart for a few minutes. 
Next, turn your attention towards your mind’s eye and visualize yourself sitting in front of someone that you love. Holding their image in both heart and mind, begin to offer them your compassion. What words do they need to hear from you right now? Spend a few moments offering this person your love and kindness. 
 For ideas of words you might share with this person, consider: 
 You are loved.
 I am here for you.
 I see you and I appreciate you. 

When you are ready, let the image of this person fade and call to mind a place on Earth that you love. Perhaps it is a forest, your local park, or a shoreline. Find yourself there and in the same way, offer your compassion to this place. What words does this environment need to hear? 
Slowly let the image fade after a few long breaths and then imagine that you are looking into a mirror. You can see yourself reflected back into your eyes. And, in the same way, offer yourself any words of compassion or kindness that you need to hear right now.
Take a long, loving breath through your heart when you are ready and allow the image of yourself in the mirror to fade. Feel back into your heart, watching as the breath flows through it.
Once you are grounded back into that steady rhythm of your breath moving through your heart, recall the heart chakra affirmation you chose before beginning this practice. Silently and slowly repeat it to yourself for at least a handful of breaths. When you are ready, let the words fade as you feel back into the surface beneath you.
Take your time to open your eyes and enter back into the world around you. Consider spending some time journaling about your experience with this practice. What did this bring up for you? Observe your experience with curiosity, patience, and openness – and of course, with compassion. 
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