How to Manifest Someone to Dream About You [These Several Steps Will Help You]

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1. Prepare for the manifestation process. Get rid of all negativity filling your body and mind. Let go of self doubt, envy and resentment. 

2. Specify who do you want to dream about you.

3. Visualize.

4. Send out intentions to the universe. 

5. Repeat affirmations.

6. Trust the universe and believe that you can do it. 

Extra Steps

-	Be Patient 
-	Take Action 
-	Be grateful
-	Dream about them first 

Manifesting is a “magical” method that may help you materialize whatever you desire in life.

It can be a car, a house, a dream job or even you can use it to attract the right person to your life.

But how about trying to manifest someone to dream about you? Do you think it’s possible?

If you believe in the law of attraction and manifesting, then you should have no doubts that it’s possible!

There are different ways to achieve this goal. In this article I will try to write about a few simple things you can do to make someone else dream about you!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

If I were to manifest someone to dream about me then these are the things I would do to achieve my goal.

1. First I would try to clear my mind of any negative energy, negative thoughts that I might have. If you feel self doubt or envy or resentment – let them go before you start your manifestation process. 

You can meditate, do breathing exercises or simply imagine yourself that you’re washed in white cleansing light which purifies you. 

2. Next, you need to specify who do you want to dream about you? Is it going to be a friend, someone from your family, your ex girlfriend or boyfriend or just someone that you’ve fallen in love with recently and now you want them to dream about you!  

What does this person look like? What is their age? What is his/her relationship to you? How would you like to be seen in their dream? What would you like the other person to say to you? 

3. Visualize that person dreaming about you and try to feel happiness, excitement and love. See with your mind’s eye what you’re doing together in this dream, maybe you’re going to some places, you’re having fun, you’re making love. 

Try to feel it as if it was happening for real not just in your imagination. Imagine yourself what it would be like to have this person in your life, how happy you would be together.

4.  Send your intention to the universe. You must make it absolutely clear what you want and communicate it to the universe. 

So in your mind or aloud, you could say something like this: “I want him/her to dream about me” or “I want (their name) to dream about me tonight”. Check out these affirmations for love.  

5. Repeat affirmations about the other person dreaming about you. The role of positive affirmations is to combat negative thoughts and raise your vibrations so that you could manifest more effectively. 

Write down several affirmations and read them out loud before you go to sleep at night or just any time during the day. Remember to do it feeling positive emotions. Don’t repeat them mindlessly – they won’t work. 

Example affirmations:

She/He is dreaming about me tonight.
We love each other very much.
Our relationship is strong and beautiful.
We’re always together in our dreams. 

Create your own affirmations!   

6. Trust that the universe will help you and believe that your manifestation will come true. 

Many people don’t really believe that their manifestations will work. They don’t believe that their dreams are achievable. All these rituals may look very strange and because of this a lot of people have doubts whether it’s going to work or not.

But you have to have faith. You need to let go and don’t be too attached to the outcome of this manifestation and let the universe do its thing. With the right mindset everything’s possible. Trust that everything will work out in the end! 

A few extra things you should remember about while manifesting someone to dream about you.  

Be Patient. It may take time before your manifestation becomes a reality. You shouldn’t expect immediate results. Remember that the universe is silently working for you all the time. Be sure that you intention sooner or later will come true. 
Take action. By this I mean do something every day to make your manifestation and intention alive. Visualize every day, repeat affirmations and your intention every day, use a manifestation journal every day, stay positive. Don’t let negative thoughts overcome you. Remember that like attracts like. You cannot attract anything positive when you think negative thoughts. 
Be grateful.  Gratitude is a very powerful emotion. Because we attract the things we focus on it’s always better to focus on things that we’re grateful for. By focusing only on the things that make you happy you’re showing the universe what it should deliver. 
Dream about them first: law of attraction works on the premise that like attracts like, so according to this if you dream about that person first he/she will also dream about you. Of course it may happen that they won’t dream about you the same night, but for example the following night or a few nights later. You can send such an intention to the universe: “When I dream of him/her I want him/her to dream of me too.”   
best gratitude journal

Final thoughts

So now you know the steps you need to take to start manifesting someone to dream about you.

Remember to take some action every day that will bring you closer to your desired result. And be patient, don’t get discouraged if can’t manifest something quickly. Trust and enjoy the process and you will get what you want.

The universe, sooner or later, will deliver, it will make your dreams come true and you will finally manifest the other person to dream about you. The Law of Attraction has no limits.

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