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Manifestation, which is based on the Law of Attraction, is about bringing into reality something tangible that you desire. It is done through energetic attraction and belief.

There are different manifestation techniques, you just need to pick the one which in your opinion may work the best for you.

In this article I’m going to focus on explaining how to create a manifestation list which is supposed to help you bring into your life whatever you dream about.

How to Create a Manifestation List?

Manifestation list – in short – is a list of your desires, of all the things you want to see in your life.

You can make such a list in different ways, but doesn’t matter how you’re going to do it, the goal is always the same – successfully manifest what you want in life.

1. Have a journal or a notebook for writing in
2. Write down your thoughts/desires
3. Pick the most important ones
4. Write down your vision in detail. Be specific!
5. Have faith that all your desires will come true
6. Reflect upon your manifestation list
7. Be patient, trust the Universe & be grateful

These are some of the steps that you can take to create a manifestation list. If you want to learn more, read on!

Writing Your Manifestation List

Step 1. Get a journal or a notebook for writing your manifestations in. Don’t use a journal or a notebook that you already use for some other purpose. By getting a brand new journal you’re showing that you’re taking this manifestation exercise seriously. 

Before you start writing in the journal make sure to calm down and clear your mind to better hear the voice of your intuition. You can meditate or do some breathing exercises that will sharpen your mind and prepare you for this task. 
Step 2. Brainstorm your desires. Visualize what you want to manifest. At this stage don’t focus on the details, but try to create a list of things that you want in your life. For example you can write something like this:

-	have a dog 
-	buy a new car
-	change a job
-	start a business 
-	run a marathon 
-	improve health 

  Write out anything that you would like to see manifesting in your life. 
Step 3. Prioritize.  

OK, let’s be honest. You can’t have everything at the same time. That is why now you need to think which of the things from your manifestation list are the most important to you. You also need to take into account which of your desires have the highest chance to come true in the near future. 

It’s because, at the beginning, it’s best to see the results quickly, so as not to get discouraged. 

You just can’t focus on too many things at the same time. 

That is why at this stage you need to decide what you desire the most and what you’re ready for. Maybe you’re not ready now to buy a new house or change a job, so what’s the point of thinking about it now. 
Step 4. Be clear and specific and write in the present tense. 

Once you know what you would like to manifest try to be more specific now and include the details into your manifestation. For example if you want to focus on manifesting a new car, write down what kind of car do you want, what color, how fast it should be, how powerful it should be etc. 

And if you want to improve your health, don’t forget to include how you’re going to do this, e.g. go to the gym 5 times a week for two hours and eat only fresh fruits and vegetables.  

So for example, you would write: I’m going to the gym 5 times a week for two hours. I’m eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. 

You need to write in the present tense because you need to create the feeling that you already have what you want to have. Write as if your manifestations are already a reality. Involve your emotions. 

So you won’t write: I want to drive my dream car but you will write I’m driving my dream car … 
Step 5. Visualize and reflect upon your manifestations 

You probably realize that it’s not enough to write down your manifestations in the journal and forget about them. Although some people claim that once your manifestations are written you should let them go instead of re-reading them every day.  

However in my opinion you should practice visualization daily at least once a day imagining yourself how you’re going to feel when you already get what you want.

And be open to receiving your dreams when they finally come true. 
Step 6. Believe. Have faith. 

Whenever you want to manifest something into reality you need to believe that it’s possible to do it. You shouldn’t have doubts that you can do it. 

If you hesitate and you’re not sure if you can get what you dream about then it may take you much longer to achieve it and it may be much harder for the Universe to give you what you’re asking for. Try not to think negative thoughts. 
Step 7. Be patient and trust the universe. 

Manifesting usually doesn’t work fast. It happens that it does, but most often it takes some time for your wish to come true. Whether your desires come true quickly or not depends on how emotionally in tune you are with them. And of course it also depends on the type of your desire. 
Step 8. Be grateful 

Practicing gratitude helps to amp up your vibration and in this way attract more positive things into your life. 

If you focus on gratitude more positivity will come your way. So be grateful for the beautiful weather, for another day on this planet, for your pet … there is always something to be grateful for.     
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Taking Action

And the last step, probably one of the most important steps is taking action.

Do you think that dreaming about something will make it to appear out of thin air? It is a big misconception that it’s enough to use the power of your thoughts to manifest whatever you wish.

Your thoughts and beliefs are important for manifesting your dreams, but without action they will remain dreams forever.

Who will achieve their goals faster? Those who dream about doing something towards realizing their goals or those who actively do something to make their dreams come true?

Of course your beliefs, your attitude and your values are also important for a successful manifestation so you need to work on them and change them if it’s necessary because you’re guided by them.

If you don’t believe that you can achieve something, you won’t take action, and taking action is an important step in turning your thoughts into reality.

The As If Technique   

This technique is very helpful. All you need to do is to act as if your dream or desire has already been fulfilled. In order to attract something into your life, behave as if you already have it!

You need to start aligning your actions with your desires!

For example you can start acting as if you were happy and doing the things that you would normally do if you were really happy.  

You can act as if you were someone else because it would help you to reach your goal or manifest your dream into reality. You would need to “steal” someone else’s mindset, behavior and habits. 

Or if your goal is to be more confident then you can behave just as a confident person would do.

The as if technique will motivate you towards taking action.

To learn more about the as if technique click here. 

And if you’re really interested in implementing this technique check out the Raikov Effect.  

If you’ve never written a manifestation list before it can be a bit challenging. However I think you can’t go wrong even if it’s your first time.

Try to have fun with this exercise and remember that the better you know what you want and the more confident you are that you can get it, the easier it will be for you to manifest your desires into reality.

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