Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script [Calm Your Body & Mind]

Imagine yourself stepping into a tranquil oasis, surrounded by lush greenery and soothing sounds of nature. The air is crisp and clean, invigorating your senses.

As you find a comfortable spot on a soft cushion, let your worries and concerns gently slip away, leaving you enveloped in a sense of peace and serenity. This is where we’ll begin our mindful journey of progressive muscle relaxation.

As you settle into your serene surroundings, gently bring your attention to the rhythmic dance of your breath. Imagine that each inhale is like a gentle breeze caressing your skin, filling your lungs with fresh, invigorating air.

Hold that breath for a moment, savoring the fullness that expands your chest. Then, release the breath slowly through your mouth, like a wisp of smoke drifting into the air, carrying with it any lingering tension or stress.

Repeat this deep breathing pattern for a few rounds, allowing each breath to deepen your connection with the present moment.

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Now, shift your focus to your feet and ankles, the foundation of your relaxed state. Curl your toes inward, tensing the muscles in your soles and arches as tightly as you can without straining. Hold this tension for a few seconds, acknowledging the growing tightness in your feet and ankles.

Then, release the tension abruptly, letting your feet go limp and heavy. Feel the warmth and relaxation spreading through your lower legs, like a wave of tranquility washing over your body. Repeat this process of tension and release for your feet and ankles, noticing the contrast between the tight and relaxed states.

As we deepen our immersion in this tranquil oasis, let’s direct our focus to our lower body’s foundation, the calves and shins. Slowly raise your heels off the ground, feeling the activation and tensing of the calf muscles.

Hold this position for a count of five, allowing the tightness to grow more pronounced. Now, release the tension abruptly, letting your heels gently lower back to the ground. As the tension dissipates, imagine your calves becoming heavy and relaxed, like two warm stones sinking into the earth.

Next shift your attention to your thighs, the powerful engines that propel you forward. Tense your thigh muscles, squeezing them as tightly as you can without discomfort. Hold the tension for a count of ten, becoming acutely aware of the pressure building within your thighs.

Then, release the tension, allowing your muscles to soften and release into a state of deep relaxation. Feel the relaxation spreading throughout your lower body, creating a sense of calm and tranquility from your ankles to your hips.

As we continue our journey into profound tranquility, let’s shift our focus to the core of our being, the glutes and hips.

With your feet firmly planted on the ground, squeeze your glutes together, drawing them inward. Hold this position for a count of five, feeling the activation and tensing of the gluteal muscles.

Now, release the tension abruptly, allowing your glutes to relax and settle into a state of deep ease. Feel the relaxation spreading throughout your buttocks and pelvis, like a soothing warmth radiating from within.

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Direct your attention to your abdomen, the center of strength and stability. Take a deep breath, filling your abdomen with air. As you exhale, forcefully push your abdominal muscles out, tensing them as tightly as you can. Hold this position for a count of ten, noticing the growing tightness in your abdomen.

Then, release the tension, allowing your abdomen to sink back in, feeling the relaxation wash over your core. Imagine your abdomen becoming soft and pliable, like a relaxed balloon gently descending.

As we delve deeper into this sanctuary of serenity, let’s turn our focus to the upper body, starting with our expansive chest.

Take a deep breath, expanding your chest cavity to its fullest extent. Hold this position for a count of five, feeling the expansion of your chest and back muscles.

Now, release the breath slowly, allowing your chest to gently relax and deflate. Imagine your chest becoming soft and open, like a blooming flower filling with the sun’s warmth.

Shift your attention to your shoulders and arms, the conduits of movement and expression. Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, tensing the muscles in your upper back and shoulders. Hold this position for a count of ten, feeling the tightness spread throughout your shoulders and upper back.

Then, release the tension, allowing your shoulders to drop and relax. Imagine your shoulders becoming heavy and loose, like two soft pillows sinking into a comfortable bed.

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Let’s bring our awareness to our head and neck, the delicate pillars of balance and expression. Tilt your head back slowly, arching your neck and tensing the muscles in your forehead, jaw, and scalp. Hold this position for a count of ten, feeling the tension build.

Now, release the tension, allowing your head to fall forward and your jaw to relax. Imagine your neck and jaw becoming loose and heavy, like a limp ragdoll melting into its surroundings.

Now, bring your attention to your facial muscles, the canvas of your emotions. Scrunch up your forehead, squinting your eyes tightly and wrinkling your nose. Hold this position for a count of five, feeling the tightness spread across your face.

Next release the tension, allowing your face to relax and smooth out. Imagine your facial muscles becoming soft and serene, like a peaceful pond reflecting the tranquil sky.


As we come to the end of our journey, let’s take a few deep, slow breaths, filling our lungs with the refreshing air of our tranquil oasis. With each breath, let go of any remaining tension or stress, allowing your body to sink deeper into relaxation.

Take a moment to appreciate the profound sense of peace and serenity that has washed over you. Feel the warmth and lightness in your muscles, the calmness in your mind, and the tranquility that has permeated your entire being.

Embrace this state of deep relaxation, allowing it to carry you through the rest of your day.

As you gently emerge from this sanctuary of tranquility, carry with you the sense of peace and relaxation you have cultivated.

Remember that this technique is yours to utilize whenever you need a moment of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

May your day be filled with moments of peace and tranquility.

Muscle Relaxation Script #2

Welcome, my relaxed friend! I will be your relaxation tour guide as we embark on a journey to a calm, stress-free oasis.

My goal today is to relax each part of your body, each of your muscles.

You’ll be releasing tension from head to toe and thanks to this you should start feeling lighter, looser and renewed.

Before we dive in, make sure to get really comfortable. Put loose and soft clothing on and clear any work or clutter from your space.

Then find a quiet spot with comfy support, whether sitting or lying down. Dim the lights, adjust the temperature to a pleasant warmth, and clear distractions like your phone away. This is your time!

Now, start taking slow, full breaths to open the relaxation channels. Breathe in deeply through your nose all the way to your belly.

Then purse your lips and breathe out long, steady exhales like you’re blowing bubbles.

Keep that breathing going as you settle in. Round out any tension in your shoulders and sink into your nest. Scan for areas holding stress and breathe them soft.

One more cycle of complete inhales…and complete exhales. Feel tension deflating from your body more with each round.

The first stop on our chill express will be a dreamy beach to relax your feet and legs. But keep those breathing muscles pumping relaxation through your veins. You’ve got this whole relaxation thing down already!

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Now that you’re settled into your cozy relaxation cocoon, it’s time to reap the calming effects of some deep belly breathing.

Slowly inhale through your nose for 4 counts, allowing your lungs to completely fill up like balloons preparing for lift off. Silently count…1….2….3….4. Good!

Pause for just a second, then release through barely parted lips for a slow 8 count exhale. Shhhhhhh like a deflating balloon. 8….7….6….5….4….3….2….1.

Again, inhale energizing air through your nose for 4 full counts. Chest rising, energy flowing in. And release the tension in a long extended 8 count exhale out your mouth. Ahhhhhh.

Feel your body sink heavier into its support with each full breath cycling through. Becoming looser…calmer…more tranquil…with each round of fill and release. Like waves washing up and down the beach.

Inhale renewal for 4 counts…exhale stress for 8 counts. Over and over, until your mind joins your body in complete relaxation.


Now shine the relaxation spotlight on your hardworking feet and lower legs.

Visualize your toes are nestled into smooth, warm sand, toes wiggling freely as gentle waves kiss your feet. Palm trees sway overhead as the fading sunlight dances across your skin. Enjoy this tranquil beach scene while any tension washes away with the steady tide.

Shift focus to drawing long, relaxing circles with your ankles – in your mind’s eye only. Trace slow, deliberate loops to unwind tension as you gaze out at the sunset sea. Feel the stress melting away with those tranquil circular visions.

Allow your feet to go totally limp in the fantasy, like legs on a rag doll just resting atop the beach. All tension drips out of your loose, heavy feet into the sand below. Complete comfort.

Bring your attention to your lower legs now, picturing your calf muscles unwinding bit by bit with each crash of imagined waves. Gently releasing any holdings with the soft ebb and flow of water over skin.

Marvelous! Allow those lower limbs to fully relax in your mind now. Let them recline into the cozy sand while the crashing waves serenade your utter comfort. Deeper…deeper…

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Now let’s breathe some tranquil vibrations downward into that hardworking upper leg region.

Begin by scanning from your hips to your knees, mulling over where tension may pool in your upper legs… Notice areas begging for relief without judgment. Just breathe and scan.

Picture your hamstrings and quadriceps as tight rubber bands gently giving way with each new breath…See them slackening incrementally, losing their squeeze with every long exhale. Softening…releasing…melting tension away.

Envision all heaviness in your hips, buttocks and thighs sinking down through the surface below you. Tension trickling out as they settle into cushioned support. Gravity welcoming their weight without effort.

Continue breathing into the back and front of your legs – filling shapeless space where solid muscle once clinched tight. Filling not with air, but utter limpness instead. Complete surrender to tranquility from waist to knee.

Rest both legs long now in your mind’s eye. Scan for any lingering tension pockets from waist to knees…and breathe them away. Fully inhabiting these reclined limbs with soft, mindful breaths. You’ve earned this total-body tranquility.

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Now let’s focus for a while on that hardworking core! Start by envisioning…

A pair of strong but silly hands beginning to gently knead all around your stomach, like a baker tenderizing dough. Kneading here…kneading there…releasing any tension knots as they work that doughy belly! Feel your core loosening under the calming motions.

Ooo, those hands are kinda tickly too! A few little spider crawls up your sides if you dare…don’t squirm away now. Embrace the tickles and breathe out any remaining tummy tension!

Good, now picture those hands floating around to your upper back, palms pressing warmth all over your shoulder blades. Ah, a nice massage to iron out the day’s stress wrinkles gathered here! Harder…softer…melting it oh so nice.

As I count down slowly from 10, envision your torso going more and more slack between those magical hands…

10…Feel the kneading and tickling hands coaxing out tension
9…Letting all tightness seep away
8…Looser and heavier
7…Supported and at ease
6…Belly like jelly
5…Back like butter
4…Releasing deeper
3…Calmness fills the space left behind
2…Total comfort
1…Utter relaxation throughout

Now allow your torso to fully surrender like a rag doll just lounging about without a care. All tension squeezed out through those kneads, tickles and counts! Just softness within…and complete comfort without.

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Let’s shift our focus now up to those diligent arms which allow us to lift, carry, reach and embrace each day. Time to give them a well-deserved break!

Start by envisioning your upper arms and elbows as elastic bands that have been stretched taut for hours. See those bands slackening now, tension releasing as they grow more slack and flexible with each breath. Loosening…softening…flopping relaxed.

Now picture your lower arms and wrists as metal pipes that had been rigid and ungiving. Feel pleasantly warm water flowing inside, warming and reshaping them to supple and limp. Heavy and malleable, nerveless in your mind’s eye.

Expanding relaxation down to your hands – see each finger as a long icicle beginning to melt in the comforting imaginary warmth surrounding them. Dripping away rigidity, leaving only soothing fluidity behind.

Excellent! As relaxation spreads down to your fingertips, envision your arms have become one with the cushioned surface below. Heavy as stone, yet completely supported. Utterly limp, utterly calm.

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Picture your hands resting on smooth, warm sand, fingers and palms cradled gently by tiny grains, loose and supported.

Visualize the fading light of sunset dancing across the landscape of your hands as you spread fingers wide. Sunset rays seep into creases and knuckles like liquid gold, loosening any lingering tension.

Now breathe deeply in…and out…in…and out as you press hands down lightly, allowing tiny granules to crawl underneath and between fingers. Tiny massage therapists, kneading out kinks in a soothing, skittering motion. Marvel at this sensation as you continue breathe fully.

As I count down from 5, envision your hands getting heavier and more relaxed…

5…The sand massages tension away
4…Deeper comfort
3…Fingers relax fully
2…Hands become heavy, sinking into support
1…Total limpness and ease

Gently lift newly tranquil hands, watching the sand cascade away through fingers back to the beach below. Flop hands back onto their sandy cradle, utterly released.

Wiggle fingers and rotate wrists side to side, noticing any new freedom of movement with delight. All tension dissolved by the kneading sand and deep breathing. Just fluidity and comfort remains.

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Tune your awareness now into your neck. Slowly roll your head side to side across the surface supporting you. Notice where any tension gathers at the base of your skull, sides or front of throat. Just breathe and observe without judgment.

Picture your neck muscles as tight rubber bands gently releasing their grip with each new breath…See them relaxing their hold incrementally -softening, loosening, becoming supple.

Envision your head melting into the support underneath, utterly cradled without having to crane up. Allow your neck full permission to surrender all efforts to hold tension now.

Continue long, full breaths down the length of your throat. On each inhale, invite vitality and space. On each exhale, guide any remnants of tension to drain down and dissipate.

Revel in this sensation of neck muscles unwinding breath by breath. Open your throat to more roominess. Their work is done for now; your neck can now truly rest.

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Now focus your relaxation on your face and head.

Start by closing your eyes lightly. Scan your forehead, cheeks, jaw and facial features for any tension or tightness without judgment. Just notice.

As you breathe in deeply and exhale out, envision your forehead smoothing out. Picture facial muscles relaxing with each out breath.

Inhale again fully. As you exhale, imagine your eyes, nose, and mouth softening. Repeat, allowing your face to grow more limp and tranquil.

See thoughts floating by like clouds, no need to grab on. Allow your mind to relax into this present moment of comfort supported by the surface below.

Continue long full breaths. On each exhale, guide your head and face to melt into deeper relaxation. Feeling heaviness and ease spreading.

I will be quiet for 1 minute while you focus intently on the feeling of relaxation blooming across your face and head. Breathe into it. This is your time.


As we near the end of this relaxation journey together, congratulate yourself for taking this intentional time to nurture body and mind. Scan your entire being from head to toe, noticing areas that feel wonderfully relaxed and rejuvenated.

Now visualize a glowing warmth beginning to emanate from your core, gradually radiating outward until your whole form is illuminated in soft light. Where this light touches, tension continues to seep away.

Enjoy the sensation of muscles unwinding from crown to soles… bones surrendering heavy into support below… organs softening within protective flesh and skin.

Each breath cycles more tranquility to every corner and crevice as you inhabit this treasured vessel anew. You emerge renewed. You are at peace.

When you feel ready, begin to deepen your inhales. Filling revived lungs with vigor and possibility. Then exhale away any last remnants of strain.

I will be quiet for 2 minutes while you bask in this whole body tranquility you created.

Relish this sacred space held only for you.


As we complete our relaxation journey, start to deepen your breath and awaken your senses. Wiggle fingers and toes, stretch arms overhead or massage the back of your neck – whatever calls to move muscles and increase energy.

When you feel ready, gently roll onto your side, giving yourself a few quiet moments to savor the tranquility lingering in your body before rising. Notice sensations of lightness, softness and ease resonating through your being.

Now gradually open your eyes, letting gentle light reconnect you to the space around you. Yawn or sigh away any last threads of sleepiness. You return renewed from an inner world of comfort and restoration.

Take your time coming back to full alertness, protecting this beautiful state of calm you cultivated. You can revisit this place within anytime you long to relax or recharge. It awaits your return.

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