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If you’ve ever tried EFT tapping, then you may already know how slow the process can be at times.

For severely stressful items, you may find that several tapping cycles may be required in order to achieve the results that you want to see.

What Faster EFT does is take a different perspective.

Instead of having blocked or broken meridian points, this method of healing puts the emphasis of having each person be in their own driver’s seat for success.

Who Created Faster EFT?

Faster EFT was created by Robert Smith because he felt like the initial EFT tapping system was good, but somewhat ineffective in its approach.

It didn’t make sense to Smith that negative blocks would completely stop energy because people can feel anger at one moment, but joy in the next. To Smith, that meant energy was getting through!

With a belief that there are no broken people, Smith created Faster EFT as a way for people to regain control over their subtle energies that had somehow been lost, either over time or in the heat of the moment.

Instead of letting the emotions overpower the mind, Smith’s system helps to put the mind back in control of the emotions.

It bridges the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind so that a person can be balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What Are the Differences Between EFT and Faster EFT? 

Faster EFT really helps people primarily because it speeds up the tapping cycles.

Both systems are based on acupuncture meridians, but Faster EFT simplifies the process by focusing on the 5 primary meridian points.

Under the eye, the outer eye, the wrist, collarbone, and the forehead are the only tapping points in this system.

There’s also a big difference in the way emotions are handled in Faster EFT.

With traditional EFT tapping, the negative emotion must be named so that it can be tapped away.

There must be a specific catalyst that can help to tap it away as well so that the descriptor is directly reflective of the negative roadblocks being thrown up.

With Faster EFT, the goal isn’t to tap away one specific negative roadblock, but to collapse the entire negative superhighway!

Many difficult emotions are present not because of what is occurring in the present or what may happen in the future, but because of past circumstances.

Faster EFT looks to reprogram the mind to stop focusing on the past.

Instead of creating repetitive internal triggers because a negative event is continually replayed and relived, the goal is to stop focusing on the past altogether so that positive emotions can drive behavioral responses instead of negative ones.

The biggest difference between these two systems, however, is in the process that is used.

EFT tapping from a traditional standpoint focuses on the process and routine of the work being done in order to resolve negative emotions.

Faster EFT, however, focuses on the purpose of the person who is trying to tap away a roadblock. There’s no concern about missing part of the routine with Faster EFT.

It’s simple because there is no script to memorize or a step to miss.

You simply recognize the negative emotion, discover what it represents, and then you shoo it away no matter what it happens to attach itself to within your mind.

With Faster EFT, Specifics Aren’t Necessary!

 There is no need to be ultra-precise with Faster EFT.

With this system, you don’t even need to try to figure out how a problem started or where the problem might be attached to within the mind.

What matters is that you notice that there is a problem that is standing in your way.

You then shift your focus to finding the cause of that negative emotion at that very moment instead of the core issue that might be at hand.

Think of it this way: if you have infection from a cut, you have two options.

You can treat the infection on your own at home, using items at your disposal, to help relieve the symptoms of the infection while letting the body heal itself.

You could also go to the doctor to get medication that will kill the infection because it has been specifically targeted.

EFT tapping is the antibiotics that kill off the infection on their own.

Faster EFT is the lower level treatments that you would give yourself that help the body heal on its own while still providing symptom relief.

To say that one system is better than the other would be incorrect.

Both of them have their own unique place.

You do need to have a core treatment sometimes to remove an issue that is blocking the way of your energy.

Sometimes, however, all you need to do is regain control over your present circumstances.

That’s what Faster EFT will help you do – stay in control, forget the past, and focus on the right here and now.

How Often Do Your Thoughts Race? 

Memories can be pleasant because they are a literal picture in the mind of events that havewhat is faster eft happened before.

A family vacation, a favorite food, or even a great movie can all be replayed on a screen within the mind.

Negative events can also be replayed on this mental screen and this creates racing thoughts because worry and fear are the natural result of these negative events.

Instead of putting down some triggers that could cause even more of an issue, Faster EFT eliminates the issue altogether so that there is no discomfort.

You control the emotions and behaviors until you can achieve a more balanced mental state.

It is at that point some may wish to utilize a full cycle of traditional EFT tapping to find a curative result.

If you’re struggling to find success with traditional EFT tapping, then Faster EFT might be the right course of action to take.

What is Faster EFT?

It is something that can help you right now and in return, you’ll get the control you need over your emotions to achieve a balanced physical, mental, and spiritual state.

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