EFT Tapping Scripts: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know About

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What is EFT Tapping?

In a human body, there are energy meridians. Each meridian has an endpoint which when tapped can aid in healing emotional problems and releasing physical tension and ailments from the body.

EFT tapping or tapping therapy can alleviate anxiety, fatigue, depression, cravings, and can help with chronic pain and add momentum to one’s ability to manifest as well.

There is a lot of debate around whether one should be using free EFT tapping scripts or not. Some even question, ‘Do EFT tapping scripts really work’? But like everything, there are pros and cons to EFT tapping.

Because there are pros and cons to using EFT tapping scripts by yourself; it doesn’t mean one should reject the idea of using them altogether.

It really depends upon the person using them, their prior knowledge, and their level of sensitivity to energies.  So, let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of EFT tapping scripts.

The Pros of EFT Tapping Scripts

EFT Tapping Scripts Can be a Refresher for a Trained EFT Tapping Practitioner

EFT Tapping Scripts can be a resource when someone has enrolled in a training program, learned EFT Tapping in detail, and then never actually practiced it in real life with one-on-one clients.

In such a case, an EFT tapping practitioner can use the written script or watch the tap-along video scripts as a refresher for what they had learned in their training.

They can also use the scripts or videos to perform EFT tapping on themselves, knowing that it is safe to do it because they have had previous training for it.

Allow You to Choose Better Words 

The words we use have a direct impact on our energy field.

Even the thoughts that we think have the power to manifest into our reality because where focus flows energy goes.

Sometimes with the right selection of the meridian points for tapping, the results are not 100%. And this is where the magic of words plays a vital role.

So, while listening to recorded or reading pre-written EFT tapping scripts, you can learn how to make a better choice of words.

This can influence your overall results. For example, if someone is using EFT tapping for weight loss they can use positive body image affirmations instead of merely focusing on “I need to lose pounds” or “I need to look good.” 

There Can be More Than One Approach for Solving a Single Problem

Every human being has a different perspective, and thus people’s approaches differ based on their past experiences and the depth of knowledge about EFT tapping.

This means if you are searching for EFT tapping scripts for anxiety you will find a long list of pre-written scripts or tap-along videos.

When you browse through the list you will notice there is difference in various approaches of EFT tapping.

This can give you the freedom to try more than one approach, and see which works best for you.

EFT Tapping Scripts Can Add to the Practitioner’s Existing Knowledge Base

If you are already an EFT tapping practitioner, by listening to what others practitioners have in their scripts, you can also add to your knowledge base and expand your expertise.

When it comes to the curriculum for EFT tapping, there is no one-size fits all approach.

You can always learn new things while exploring EFT tapping scripts.

Sometimes One Script Can Benefit Many

One script can sometimes work for many individuals and based on that more and more people can utilize it and then reap the benefits.

For example, an EFT tapping script for financial abundance can help many people to manifest their dream job, a house, or a car.  

The Cons of EFT Tapping Scripts

They Are Not Customized and So Can Trigger You

When you open an EFT tapping script it will always be a fairly general script.

Now depending upon what has happened in your personal history, there may be events or traumas, and a belief system that a simple pre-recorded or pre-written script won’t be able to address.

It is possible that how the script is written and the words it contains could trigger you into recalling negative emotions or memories of past traumas.

Or the lack of customization may mean the script doesn’t resonate for you and therefore you might not be able to connect to the words at a deeper level.

Seeing an EFT tapping practitioner will help you to cross this possible barrier because in a one-on-one session it’s possible to discuss any concerns, past events, traumas or thoughts in your mind.

The practitioner will then design the session according to your personalized needs.

So, even in your most vulnerable state, a tapping professional will be there to take you out of any difficult emotions and sensations and keep track of your progress throughout the sessions.

There is no Precaution for Safety

When you start following a script, there is literally no guarantee for safety. You even don’t know if the person who has written the script knows their subject well.

So, by following the wrong methodologies you can possibly do more harm than good and can land yourself in a host of problems that you would then need help from a professional to resolve.

Those with Fragile Emotional Health Are the Most Vulnerable

If a person is going through a lot physical distress, mental suffering or emotional turmoil, and they try self-tapping scripts without any prior learning or training, they can sometimes add to their problems.

For example, if someone is suicidal, and tries to curb their suicidal thoughts with tapping, this can be highly risky and a slight diversion towards the wrong side can prove to be fatal.

It Can Delay the Resolution of a Problem

If a person just uses the same tap along script which isn’t really creating any results but regardless of the lack of improvement still continues with the same script, they are delaying solving the problem.

It would be advantageous to seek out a professional EFT practitioner or recognized therapist to assist in resolving the problem as they can monitor the results.

Sometimes EFT tapping is not the answer to a person’s problem, or it can be used as a complementary therapy to psychiatric medicines, psychotherapy, CBT, or Neuro-Linguistic programming and Hypnotherapy.

After consulting with an EFT practitioner, one can know if EFT tapping is a good option for creating the desired results or not.

If the answer is no, then it’s possible to explore other modalities that can create change and therefore work towards healing and recovery.

There is no Flexibility

Pre-written and pre-recorded scripts lack flexibility as they can’t be tailored specifically to suit every person that wishes to access them.

When a client attends a face-to-face session with an EFT tapping professional, they are under supervision, and with the vigilant guidance of the practitioner, the script can be adapted to suit the individual and therefore that client has more chance of receiving the maximum benefits from their investment.

There is No One to Take Your Feedback

When you make use of an EFT tapping session, there is always feedback.

You will be asked at different stages about how you feel and how it is going for you.

As the session progresses, you can also give your feedback that will be heard and incorporated by the practitioner.

In a ready-made script, there is no one around to take your feedback, reassure you, and act accordingly based on your feedback.

It Can Create Disappointment

So you are committed to a script, and you practice it every day, but it’s leading you nowhere.

That’s most probably because the solution to your problems isn’t even present in the particular script that you chose based on your own judgment.

This can create feelings of disappointment and you might even feel that it’s all hopeless, and stop looking for solutions altogether.

If your own efforts are not creating the results you want, then visit an EFT tapping practitioner.

They can change and adapt the roadmap for therapy or refer you to a different practitioner or provide advice around which alternative modality will suit you.

You will either get rid of the problem by using another strategy devised by the practitioner, or you will be referred to another practitioner or technique that you are better aligned with.

You Might not Tap for the Right Amount of Time

Sometimes when there is a written script, you might not know specifically how long to tap for.

So you might end up tapping too much or tapping too little. In both cases, there’s then no benefit in opting for self-tapping.

It also depends upon the intensity of your problem and only a skilled practitioner can make the best assessment of the amount of time you need to tap for.

You Can Become a Self Proclaimed EFT Tapper

By reading and binge-watching videos one after another, you might create the illusion of being an EFT tapping professional who knows all the best ways to get results.

There is a chance that some scripts might have worked for you, but that doesn’t replace the amount of time and practice a professional invests in becoming a qualified EFT practitioner.

You Might Become Tempted to Use EFT Tapping as a Quick Fix

A change comes from within, always. If you rely on EFT tapping to do all the work for you then you won’t end up getting any proper solutions or results.

While scripts can work and you can resolve your issues, there may be a lot of relapses down the road if you don’t address the root cause of your problem.

So, it’s always a collaborative process when it comes to emotional health.

There is the effort that the practitioner applies in helping you with their mode of therapy, and then there is the individuals investment and that includes taking responsibility to change and find all ways to stay in a positive mindset.

If you encounter situations that in the past caused you a problem and yet there is no change in how you feel or how you are responding to those situations, you may blame the script for not working.

By consulting a practitioner in EFT tapping instead, you can get more clarity on your emotional ups and downs, and you can always discuss them in your feedback with the practitioner.

You Can Create Imbalance

It’s fascinating to tap along using a script and to be able to cure yourself energetically so that you can feel better emotionally and physically.

But if you don’t know what you are doing while tapping on the energy meridians, you can imbalance the energy channels.

Some can become overactive, and some can become underactive thus you create an imbalance in addition to the problem you were trying to solve.

You Might not be Able to Define a Goal and Keep Track of Your Progress

When you are working under the guidance of a practitioner in EFT tapping, they know your history, and they know what your ultimate goal is.

You can discuss with your practitioner your goals and dreams and they can help you to fine tune them and define them with clarity.

Then as you work with the tapping therapist they can record your progress, and give you reassurance.

They can also guide you towards noticing the changes and improvements so that you know you are heading in the right direction.

With pre-written or recorded scripts there is no one to assist you to set goals and make you aware of your progress.

You Might Not be Able to Address More Than One Problem

We as human beings can have a lot of things going on in life at the same time.

For example, a person with PTSD can also have depression or a craving disorder. So, when problems become complex and entangled, you may end up following way too many scripts therefore create a complicated mess instead of results.

With an EFT practitioner at hand, you can get customized sessions that can solve all your problems.

Or if a practitioner thinks it is appropriate, they can create a step-by-step plan and approach by mutual agreement as to which problem needs to go first.

You Might not be Able to Recognize an Abreaction

Sometimes when an EFT tapping script starts to create a shift, you may experience emotions coming to the surface that are highly uncomfortable and unbearable, this situation is known as an abreaction.

However, sometimes when emotions come to the surface of one’s consciousness, they are being presented to you to be released and this, while it may be a bit uncomfortable, is manageable.

However while tapping alone and unsupervised, you may wonder if these uncomfortable feelings mean that the process isn’t working or that something has gone wrong.

With an experienced practitioner working with you, they can recognize what’s ok and what’s not.

There is also a chance that in case of an abreaction you may get discouraged and stop using EFT tapping altogether.


EFT self tapping scripts can be useful to some degree, however it is a more favorable to seek guidance from a professional EFT practitioner or enroll on an EFT training course if possible. 

Once you have equipped yourself with an in-depth knowledge base around EFT, you can explore and practice as many pre-written or recorded scripts as you like to brush up on your skills.

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